Convert TV To 3D

What does it take to convert TV to 3D TV? There are a few different answers to this depending on your situation. Do you have a 2D TV, 3D ready TV or a 3D TV? Below we will take a look at each situation.

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2D to 3D Converters
Many people that have 2D TVs are looking for a way to experience 3D television without buying a 3D TV. Possibly having just spent a lot of money on a new 2D TV there is not much interest in upgrading right away. This is certainly understandable, however many people that try this will also be disappointed. There are 2D to 3D converter products on the market, and some sell for under $100, however they will not provide the same experience as true 3D TV. To experience true 3D you will need to watch on a 3D TV. Even then 2D programming that is converted to 3D will not be the same as programming that was created as true 3D programming. You will likely notice a lack of depth amongst other things and people that have seen true 3D content will quickly be able to tell the difference. If you really want to enjoy the 3D experience, you will need a 3D TV. If you just spent big bucks on a new 2D TV you may want to wait for a 3D TV that allows you to watch 3D TV without glasses.

3D TV Converter
If you have a 3D Ready TV a 3D TV converter may be all that stands between you and watching 3D TV. Many manufactures offer starter packs that include the converter and 3D glasses. Be sure to purchase the same brand 3D TV converter, or starter pack, as the brand of 3D Ready TV you have. This will eliminate frustrating issues with compatibility that will likely arise if you interchange brands. The same goes for 3D glasses, make sure they are the same brand as the TV.

If you have a 3D TV all you need is 3D glasses and some 3D content. As mentioned above, be sure that the 3D glasses are the same brand as the TV. Glasses are not necessarily interchangeable across brands. For the 3D content, there are several ways to obtain content. One is a 3D Blu Ray player, although it is important to note that a regular Blu Ray player is not the same as a 3D Blu Ray player and unfortunately older players are generally not upgradeable to 3D. One exception to this is the Playstation 3, PS3, gaming console. This can be used as a Blu Ray player and there is an upgrade available that allows it to play 3D Blu Ray movies.

Another option for 3D content is one of the 3D TV channels. Direct TV will be providing three 3D channels later this year and the cable companies are sure to follow. Some 3D TVs have a feature that can convert 2D content to 3D. Not exactly the same as watching true 3D content but since it is included with the TV, why not give it a try.

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