Corner Wall TV Mount

Corner Wall TV Mount


There are a couple different options to achive a corner wall TV mount. Do not go out and buy a “corner wall TV mount” until you read this, you will most likely buy the wrong mount. Assuming you are looking for either a LCD TV corner wall mount or Plasma TV corner wall mount. Then below we will explain how this is normally achieved.

TV corner wall mounts are normally just normal wall mounts that are attached on a board that is mounted across the corner of the room. See the picture above. Therefore there is no special mount required for this. Simple obtain a 2*6 or 2*12 board (make sure the board is wide enough for your mount to attach to), cut the ends of the board at 45 degree angles and mount to the wall. Make absolutely certain that the board is mounted to studs in the wall however. TVs are heavy so this board MUST be securely fastened to the wall. Once the board is mounted you can use just about any LCD or Plasma mount that works you’re your TV. Does that sound like too much work, do not worry there is another option.

Determined which mount type you need and ready to make the purchase? We recommend either Mounts and More or Walmart Online.

Another option is to use a cantilever TV mount. This type of mount has two armatures and allow the TV to extend, rotate and tilt. Therefore you attach the mount to one of the side walls in a place where you can then use the arms to position the TV as if it were mounted in the corner of the room. The mount will be extended, but hidden behind the TV so not obvious that the TV is not mounted in the corner. This is not as sturdy as the board trick mentioned above, also may cost a little more but it is easier to achieve. One nice advantage to using the cantilever approach is that you can rotate and move the TV if you so desire such as to hook up cables to the back of it.

There are other options for a corner wall TV mount such as a wall mount TV shelf which is a shelf that attaches to the wall that the TV is than placed on top of. These also make very good corner mounts.

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