Inflatable Projection Screen

Many people are opting for an inflatable projection screen for their backyard or outdoor home theater. Reasons for this are many, ease of setup and removal, inexpensive price, size of the screen vs. size of storage. Regardless of the reason, inflatable screens are getting more and more popular as the prices are dropping below the $200 threshold. In fact it is almost impossible to find them in stock at the moment. See links below for possible options to purchase your screen.

The major components of an inflatable screen are the inflatable frame with built in fans to inflate the frame, the screen surface (which attaches to the frame once the frame is inflated), ground anchors and tethers to anchor the screen and frame to the ground.

Setup is straightforward and after a few setups (to get over the learning curve) should take 10-12 minutes. The screen inflates in 2-4 minutes, another 3-5 minutes to anchor the frame to the ground and 2-3 minutes to attach the screen to the frame.

Here are a few options for your inflatable projection screen:

Deluxe Outdoor Inflatable Movie Screen, 12'Widescreen

12ft Back Yard Theater Screen w/ Speakers

What To Look For In An Inflatable Movie Screen
Things to look for in your inflatable projection screen are built in speakers. Speakers can be found in the more expensive screens. Not that they will add weight to the screen frame also, but nothing that prevents it from being easily managed.

Consider the fan noise. Granted in most cases you are using this screen outdoors so there are most likely other noises also. But fan noise can be annoying to some. The less expensive models tend to have slightly noisier fans however, being that the screen is outdoors, none of the fans were noisy to the point of being unusable. It is also possible to inflate the screen and then turn the fans off.

The number of fans included for inflating the screen. The lower end models often have less or smaller fans. This results in longer times to inflate the screen, but nothing that prevents it from being usable.

Maintenance Of Your Inflatable Projector Screen
Although you inflatable screen should last you for many years if taken care of, there are some things to note about care of your screen.

First is that it should not be left outdoors during high winds as it can be damaged or blow away.

Second is that although the screen should be treated for water and UV protected. Leaving it out in the sun for extended periods of time will definitely shorten its life span. Therefore something you will want to set up the day you are going to use it and not leave it set up for weeks or months at a time.

Third, there will come a time when you will need to wash you screen. This is normal and should not hurt it as long as you use a mild detergent (dish soap works well), a soft brush (softer the better) and make sure it is dry before you put it away.

Other options besides an inflatable screen
There are other options for your outdoor projector screen, consider an expandable aluminum framework screen.

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