Is My TV 3D Compatible

Is my TV 3D compatible? This is a very popular question as 3D continues to gain in popularity. The answer is probably not, but lets take a look at how you can tell and what you will need to watch 3D television in your home.

Starting in 2007 a few companies released TVs that supported 3D, known as 3D ready. Mitsubishi was one of them and offered several models that can support 3D with the purchase of an adapter. See the 3D ready TV page for a list of Mitsubishi TVs that fall in this category. Philips also released one model however it was discontinued because it did not support the 3D standard that most manufactures were standardizing one. Aside from that you will likely need a new television and a few pieces of other equipment. Existing 2D TVs are not able to show 3D content and neither are the existing Blu Ray players. See below for additional details.

Convert TV To 3D
If my TV does not support 3D, what does it take to convert a 2D TV to 3D? There are products that claim to convert a 2D TV to 3D, however the picture will not have the same depth as a true 3D TV. Anyone that has seen a real 3D TV will be able to tell the difference. The link above provides the details.

Buy A 3D TV
So if you decide to buy a 3D TV, what should you look for and what do you need to know? This is more than we can cover in one article, however here are links to articles that will answer all your questions.

Of course when making a purchase like a TV, price is something to consider. See 3D TV prices to do price comparisons. Definitely worth taking a minute to ensure you are getting the best price.

3D Blu Ray Player
So the TV and glasses are one thing, but you will also also need something to supply 3D content to your television. At this time most of the content is available through Blu Ray, however you will need a 3D Blu Ray player, therefore if you have an existing Blu Ray player it will likely need to be replaced.

There is some good news however. One is that many manufactures are providing packages where you buy the TV and get a 3D Blu Ray player and glasses. Another, piece of good news, is that there will be an update available for the Sony Playstation 3 that will allow it to play 3D Blu Ray movies as well as 3D games. This looks very promising since many people have this popular game console already. See PS3 3D TV for additional details.

3D TV Set Top Box
There are several channels in the works that will soon be offering 3D content. DirectTV is working on several channels, ESPN has launched a 3D channel and the cable companies are likely to follow along. The content is coming, however you will need a 3D TV set top box to view it.

Is My TV 3D Compatible
To summarize, is my TV 3D compatible, very few existing TVs are 3D compatible. Unless you happen to have one of the ones mentioned you will need to purchase a new TV or settle for a convertor.

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