Longer Life Plasma LCD LED TV

Which TV has a longer life Plasma, LCD or LED technology? When answering this question it is important to point out that the time frame where the TV stops working and where the picture starts to degrade are not necessarily the same. We will explain more about that in a minute. Also keep in mind that all these technologies have a good long average life span generally around 60K hours or more. You will likely want to replace the TV for other reasons before you reach the end of the screen life. We will also point out a few other factors that should be considered when purchasing a TV.

Note, this page focuses primarily on answering the question of longer life between Plasma, LCD or LED techniques; if you are interested in additional information on the technologies or comparisons with them, check out the links to the right.

OK, on with the Plasma, LCD, LED life question.

Longer Life, Plasma, LCD or LED
You will find that all these technologies provide a pretty long lifespan. LED will generally last longer and cost less to operate. However many TVs today are a combination of LCD and LED lighting called LED Backlit, not pure LED lighting. Therefore if you have a LCD/LED combined your limiting factor will be the LCD element which is CCFL lighting. The common approach for TVs that have both LED and LCD is to use LCD as the main lighting and LED around the edges to improve the edge lighting which was not as good in pure LCD televisions.

Plasma TVs tend to have the shortest lifespan of the three, the picture will start to fade and over time will not be as sharp as when you first purchased it. You may have also heard of image burn in issues with Plasma televisions. Burn in is really no longer an issue as the new TVs have functionality to address this so unless you are displaying the same picture for an extremely long period of time it is likely not something to worry about.

So to sum up, you will likely find that the lifespan of these technologies from longest to shortest is the following. LED, LED/LCD, LCD, Plasma.

Which TV To Purchase
Now that we have established that all of these will provide a television that has a good long life span lets look at a few other factors that should be considered when making a purchase decision. First is the light in the room that the television will be used in. If the room has a lot of light you will be better off with a LCD or LED television since they tend to be brighter. If the room is dark a Plasma may be preferred as it provides better blacks and contrast between the colors resulting in a better picture for scenes that have a lot of dark in them.

You may also want to consider price as the LCD will likely be cheaper to purchase although the LED will use less power to operate. The Plasma will cost more to operate but likely be available in larger sizes than the other options. You will be able to find 70 inch and larger Plasma but that will be expense and hard to find for LCD and LED.

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