TV Pole Mount

TV Pole Mount

With a TV pole mount, not only can you mount your TV where you want, but can also turn your flat screen TV set whatever direction you want. There is nothing different between a Plasma pole mount and LCD pole mount, therefore we will refer to these mounts simple as TV pole mounts from now on.

A pole mount can be mounted from the ceiling of a room, on the floor or both running from the floor to the ceiling. Typically another mount, such as a cantilever TV mount, is attached to the pole which allows the television to rotate, extend and tilt in many more directions than the simple rotation the pole mount yields.

Determined which mount type you need and ready to make the purchase? We recommend either Mounts and More or Walmart Online.

Pole mounts are also very popular in areas where multiple televisions are to be mounted. They allow mounting to take place in the middle of large areas so there is room for several televisions and they allow the televisions to be pointed in multiple directions where wall mounts limit the options since they all have to be attached to a wall. A TV pole stand can be in the middle of a room or even outside in the middle of a yard. Sometimes the televisions are mounted in a staggered approach up the pole, other times a larger mount is attached to the pole which holds 2 to 4 televisions. I have seen television pole mounts that had 8 or even 16 TVs mounted to it. All depends on the height of the room and the size of the televisions.

Typically a television pole mount works best with smaller televisions since larger TVs only allow for a limited number of televisions to be mounted to them. But a pole mount is also a good option for a large TV that you would like to watch from several directions. Mounting it on a pole in the center of the space allows for rotation of the TV in all directions. The most popular maker of television pole mounts is Chief Manufacturing.

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